Norbert Peiker Ohio Lions Eye Research Fellowship

October 13, 2021

Big Night at The Ohio State University, Wiseman Hall - The Presentation of the "Norbert Peiker OLERF Eye Research Fellowship" to PhD candidate Fengze Wu, mentored by world renowned Xiaoyi Raymond Gao, PhD. This annual grant was made possible by the Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation (OLERF) benefitting the Department of Ophthalmology.


L to R: "Dr. Sy" chair of Dept of Ophthalmology - Dr. Gao -   L to R: Fengze Wu and Norbert Peiker
Fengze Wu - Norbert Peiker, OLERF president emeritus -   viewing research project goals.
Lydia Wagner-Houser, OLERF exec. director -    
"Dr. Deb" OLERF research advisor.    


Research Subject:  GLAUCOMA... "Studying State of the Art Artificial Inteligence for automatic determination of vertical cup-to-disc ratio from fundus images."

The upcoming Eye Research study recognizes that GLAUCOMA is a chronic, degenerative optic neuropathy and the leading cause of blindness worldwide. It is a term used for a group of disorders that share a characteristic progressive excavation of the optic nerve head with associated and unrecoverable loss of the visual field.

Early detection and treatment are crucial for preventing vision loss from glaucoma.

OLERF funding will support other researchers Colleen Cebulla, MD, PhD, Raymond Gao, PhD, Nagaraj Kerur, PhD, Yanhui Ma, PhD, Cynthia Roberts, PhD, and Shigeo Tamiya, PhD.


Other Photos:

Norbert Peiker (seated)

The Glaucoma Research Team:

 Fellowship recipient (left) behind, scientific mentor (right) and the research support team.


Group photo of attendees, OLERF leadership, past and present Fellows and their scientific research mentors.

(Photos by Gretchen Engelbrecht, OSU.  Article submitted to OLERF Facebook Group by Lion Ric Houser)


Our very own Norbert A Peiker with some of our research partners, OLERF grant recipients, and staff from OSU.