Members are selected according to the Foundation's constitution and governance.

2023-2024 Foundation Membership:



Officers District Trustees
President - Lion Nancy Brown OH1: DG Deb Crawford
Vice President - Lion Dave Jordan OH2: PDG Myron Amstutz
Secretary - PDG Jeff Sweeney OH3: Lion Nancy Brown
Treasurer - PDG Myron Amstutz OH4: Lion Jeff Reech
  OH5: PDG Jeff Sweeney
Executive Committee Appointments: OH6: Lion David P. Jordan
Executive Director - PCC Lydia Houser* OH7: Lion Earl Paazig
Executive Treasurer - PCC Forrest Conrad
Legal Advisor - Lion Dave Hunter
At-Large Trustees
Scientific Advisor - Dr. Deborah Grzybowski
PDG Dr. Jeff Hatfield
C.O.G. Liaison - OH7 DG Sara Camacho PDG Micheal Gibbs
  PDG Joe Jackson
  PCC Betty Robbins

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