Over Seven Million Dollars Given for Vision Research

Here is just a small sample of the research the Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation (OLERF) has funded:

  • In the late 1950s, early OLERF funding was used to examine the relation between oxygen use in premature infants and a blinding eye disease formerly known as Retrolental Fibroplasia, now known as Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)The subsequent reduction of oxygen use in premature infants dramatically reduced ROP and saved the sight of thousands of infants.
  • In the early 1960s, the College of Optometry at OSU undertook research on what are now known as contact lenses.

  • Research in the early 1980s at Nationwide Children's hospital showed that strabismus surgery before 8 weeks of age allowed infants to quickly regain binocular vision which could be used for the development of fine motor skills.
  • OLERF funded research at Case Western Reserve University showed that an antibiotic used to kill bacteria, which has a symbiotic relation with the parasite that caused River Blindness, led to the destruction of the parasite, dramatically reducing blindness in Africa.